You recently arrived in Switzerland or You have been here for a while already? You need to learn French? Would you like to do it differently? You want to learn how to speak French? You like to meet new people? You want to get to know the area?

If so, frenchconnexion is for you! We offer French races Primarily based on oral skills. First you work with the basics at home whenever will You have the time. You'll find everything you need on our webpage Including material based on the interactive frenchconnexion methodology.

Every student has personal goals before meeting the teacher and the other students. To practice your new knowledge in real life situations we  proposed regular meetings. We get together for a drink, a cultural visit or an event 100% in French. You progress at your own pace while learning the language and Becoming  familiar with  the area and Its traditions. 

The teacher always stays in touch with you - via Skype, email or facebook-as an additional carrier in case of Doubts and questions.